Casselton Robert Miller Regional Airport

The Regional Airport provides a wide range of aircraft services including 24 hour credit card fuel sales, 24 hour terminal/pilot lounge, major maintenance, routine annual inspections, total airframe rebuilding and restoration, painting, engine overhauls, interior upholstery work, ag GPS installation/service, tiedowns, aerial application of agricultural products, aircraft sales, and hangar storage.

Aerial view of the Casselton Airport

Distance from Casselton – 3 minutes
Concrete Runway – 3900′ X 75′
Unicom – Yes, 122.8
Instrument Approach – Yes, VOR/DME
Pilot Controlled Lighting – PAPI, REILS
FAA Flight Service – 1-800-WX BRIEF


To access these services contact:

Airport Admin., 701-347-0201 or 701-347-5519
AIC Maintenance, Trent Teets, 701-347-4680
Aircraft Investment Company, Randy Vining, 701-347-4303
Custom Aircraft Refinishing (painting), Roy Kieffer, 701-347-5262
Helm Flying, Farrel Helm, 701-347-4722
American Turbine Products 701-347-5599
Tundra Aviation (Aviat Husky sales) 701-347-4303


The Casselton Regional Airport Authority was established in 1976. It is comprised of the townships of Amenia, Casselton, Durbin, Empire, Everest, Harmony and Rush River, along with the city of Casselton. The 110 acre airport it operates includes a concrete runway/taxiway system and a VOR/DME instrument approach.