Home of Five Governors

The good life is a little different in Casselton.

It’s something to be able to say your state’s governor once called your town home. Casselton can say it five times over, six if you count a governor who served twice. It’s a unique status in politics and governance, not just in North Dakota but across the United States. No other town in the state can say as much, and we’d be surprised if there was another community in the nation that could make the same claim. North Dakota governors who were born or lived in Casselton:

We honor all five of our governors in Governor’s Park with a tree and a bench dedicated to each. We call them “our governors” because, no matter which political party they represented, regardless of what they accomplished in office and aside from what they did or have gone on to do after leaving the capital, Casselton is where they started out.

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Sales Tax Vote Preliminary Results

The preliminary results of the vote for the 1% increase in Casselton city sales tax are: Yes – 307 No – 279

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City of Casselton, ND

City of Casselton, ND